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Hola.... Welcome to MALXN BLOG. This blog (will reach 100K hits soon)is dedicated to my passion of Scuba Diving and personal life including travelling, entertainment and place of interest. For more info about Scuba Diving or Web Design kindly surf to my website and blog. I'm also offers a dive guide service to all island around Malaysia no matter if u are traveling alone or in group and need to find a good place to learn and dive.

Currently I'm still under DMT and working on my documentary about diving and underwater photography. See ya on National Geographic soon!. Feel free to contact me via email or social network websites. If you like my blog, please don't forget to become my blog followers.....

My Vios TRD with Dive Flag

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All....

Now starting December I'm very busy with prepartion for the day...... First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 to all.
And to all... please don't die before 2012 to see if the event is coming true. But i really think that the end of the world can be any time and Dec 2012 is just a part of it.... For me I just want to go to 50 top dive sites in the world before i die... And I will make it.

The Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid

Weekend lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market. My fav.. Garlic Butter Mussels and Flamming Platter. You should try Manhattan Seafood Platter for variety of taste....He..He...

My Bestfriend Wedding - As

During eid al-adha my love and i went to my bestfriend reception, As (Azfa) here in Pasir Gudang, Johore... my only one gurl bestfriend... we were bestfriend since in high school until now..... Now she's married.... Hope she will live happilly ever after....

As's sister Azhana (She is a diver too....)

Bubbles - Divers Hang Out !!

It's a new place for divers around KL and Selangor to hang out, meet up or gathering : Bubbles - Pub and Bistro.... Situated at Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana... the owner also a diving instructor and the place make u feels like u on the island....very chill and relax. U can also get special diving package here... I was here during its open ceremony... So damn many people and divers... and no place to sit.... But no problem.. Will come back again soon....


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Diva Karaoke, Johor Bahru

 Diva Karaoke JB
Live band and karaoke lounge
Yeah... we back again to this karaoke lounge just near my house at Taman Suria. The place is just inside Giant, Taman Suria along Jalan Tebrau. Diva not only offers a karaoke room but also a live band and lounge for you to chill out plus their room all named by the diva's name. Like mine i got Kris Dayanti's room... The rate is from RM30 per hour and u can also choose the room based on ur pax. Now they already open a new branch at Seri Alam.

In front of Diva with my Love..

LC Catering, Johor Bahru

My love desperate for Nasi Ayam Penyet
My bestfriend Hud (He's single!)
Last weekend we went back to Johor Bahru and got a chance to go to LC Catering. This shining restaurant's location just along Jalan Tebrau before Caltex and in front of Taman Sentosa. The special menu, Nasi Ayam Penyet and also variety of food and drinks to choose from ala-carte, dishes set to ice blended. Special live entertainment : Angklong and plus they also got catering services for any function.
Nasi Ayam Penyet and Nasi Goreng Paprik

RP Club Saujana Subang

Our cheer up time at RP Club Saujana Subang with my old time friend Chris and his girlfriend. Club location : just beside the Hyatt Saujana Subang near Ara Damansara and Airport Subang. There was a live band and also R&B, Hip Hop music for you to rockkkk!! and movin'... The best thing, this club was not too crowded if u want to really enjoy and relax...

Hang Out at Suria KLCC

Picture taken during shopping at Suria KLCC... My luv wanted a Guess handbag.. (The price RM429?? Can go karaoke 5 times already) We also had a lunch at Dome.. As usual i will order my fav pie.... He.. He....

Red Box Plus, Pavilion, KL

Finally we got a chance to karaoke here along with my friends from high school.. It was also a gathering after 10 years. We took one of the signature room, Flaming Hot room that can occupied 10 people. The price was a bit expensive than normal Red Box maybe just because of the signature stuff... and the place also got a big room that u can book for parties and events. You can book the Red Box Plus via phone at 603-2148 3322.

P/S: Hmmm.. I still got friends meh? coz i thought someone told everybody that i got no friend... Bullshit! Or maybe they just want to kiss each other ASS ..... OK out of record... He...He..

Miri Underwater

Here are some best pictures from Miri Underwater at several dive sites. As we can see that Miri, Sarawak, Borneo can be a prospect of future marine and diving destination well known among divers. Kindly email me to know more about Miri and the Dive Centre u can dive with.

AFamosa Animal World Safari, Malacca

Hang out @ AFamosa Animal World Safari during 4th day of Eid Fitr with family and my Love... This trip completed last trip to Water World in 2007.... More pictures at My Fotopages

Gogo KTV at the Jetty, Malacca

The Jetty Malacca

Last Eid Fitr we went to karaoke at Gogo KTV at the Jetty, Malacca. This is a brand new karaoke at Malacca and the place situated at the end of the Jetty in Melaka Raya behind Mahkota Hotel. Enjoy a ride of buggy car at the pick up station... If u walk u'll get tired coz the place is quite far from the cafe.

The rate is based on per hour and u are not allowed to bring any outside food. U can also made a booking if u plan to go and the room is very nice, clean also got a view of the sea..... Call 06-288 1788 for booking.

GoGo KTV Map Location

Eid al-Fitr 2009

We celebrated Eid al-Fitr on 20th Sept 2009 this year. Here is some moments I want to share with you.....

1st day - Raya @ Limbongan, Malacca - Wan's house and Mak Long's house
2nd day - Raya @ Semabok, Malacca - Nenek's house
3rd day - Raya @ Pakcik Din's, Pak Ndak's house and Great Grandfather's house
4th day - Raya @ A Famosa......
5th day - Raya @ Sofie's house, Seremban
6th day - Raya @ Ratna's house, Aman Perdana

More pictures at My Fotopages

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

7 Deadly Sins? - A pity to the Enemies

Some people in this world are too envy, greedy and so much pride in them....
They still not moved on and don't realize that i can detect them visiting my site from here.. So hypocrite, backstabbing and always pretend they are the good person in front of everybody..

Until now i'm still happy and laughing at them... So who's the loser now? Or are they just make fool of themselves?
Well... Shit happens...! There is an idiom for idiots who do this, it is called "shooting yourself in the foot"
P/S:Anyway they just my old BFF= "Best Fucking Friend" plus If all this bitch so rich why just drive 'Neo' or 'Kenari/White Iswara'??

The Zon Star Club, JB

Recently we hang out at The Zon Star Club (Level 4) JB. Location: inside The Zon Shopping Complex, Stulang.The club was not so crowded bcoz more people prefer Techno and R&B club outside The Zon.

The best part is they got a Live band and a good sound system even my glass crack down to the dance floor...Wow!

More recent post : Clubbing and Night Life in JB  

Gunung Berlumut, Kluang Johor

Last weekend we went to Gunung Berlumut falls, Kluang, Johor, It was 1 and half hours drive from JB exit to Ayer Hitam and take a road to Felda Kahang Timur. This place is still under construction but visitor can still enter the park for only RM1. The parking fee (in da palm oil parking) just RM2. A nice place to relax, new facilities and suitible for a person who like hiking, camping and jungle tracking. More picture at My Fotopages .

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