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As a Scuba Diver: "If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life..."

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Hola.... Welcome to MALXN BLOG. This blog (will reach 100K hits soon)is dedicated to my passion of Scuba Diving and personal life including travelling, entertainment and place of interest. For more info about Scuba Diving or Web Design kindly surf to my website and blog. I'm also offers a dive guide service to all island around Malaysia no matter if u are traveling alone or in group and need to find a good place to learn and dive.

Currently I'm still under DMT and working on my documentary about diving and underwater photography. See ya on National Geographic soon!. Feel free to contact me via email or social network websites. If you like my blog, please don't forget to become my blog followers.....

My Vios TRD with Dive Flag

A Rainforest Experience @ Sunway

The Borneo Rainforest Cafe is owned by Datin Seri Tiara Jacqueline (The Puteri Gunung Ledang Gusti Putri) -Donno bout this bcoz always stay at home !!.

The restaurant/ cafe is located directly opposite the Sunway Sunway Hotel & Spa along Persiaraan Lagoon, just in front of an open space parking lot. The place was rather easy to find, and the decor was mostly wood and trees and other greens… Tables were set al fresco-style. There were also ponds all around, fed by cascading waterfalls.

If u getting tired of traffic jam around KL during Friday & Saturday night... Just drop by here after 8pm...

A lots of dishes served from Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kerabu to variety of Seafood, Noodles, Pizza & also Laksam! This place suitable for crazy and havoc parties and not to forget they also got the bistro also houses bar called Ruai.

The bistro also features live band music every night from the resident musicians and a dance floor for you to move ur body ... Yeehaa... !! Not to forget the 'shisha' (those who want to try and feel like smoking) and variety of cokctails and beer (if u want to get drunk!) that you can enjoy throughout the night till 3am.

Update 28Feb 09: Last night i was with my luv and cousin at Ruai till 3am, guess what i saw?? Ha.. Ha.. It's so funny when someone came to place like this with 'tudung' and pretend to enjoy the live band and clubbing with all the smoke and beer araound. It's like a nerd in a high school parties.... Better just stay at home pray for a ' rainbow'or went to a ceramah or something suitable. But it's a free country anyway.... Enjoy....

The live band was quite ok last night..except the DJ... so boring da music... better turn on new R&B musics next time rather that repeated techno&disco. But we still enjoy it.

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