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Tiger shark in Port Dickson??

Tiger Shark

The reality, sharks in Malaysia are shy and afraid of humans without any provocation from the people.

World famous film director, Steven Spielberg and the novelist Peter Benchley are among individuals that can be deemed as a successful one plant to the public perception of the shark.

My encounter with shark at Sipadan

Through instruction Speilberg film, Jaws he changed his character species of shark as some call it violence that threatens marine animals or humans until now.

This is because if there is something happening at sea, prehistoric species that is made a scapegoat when including cases that occurred in the coastal Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan recently.

Jaws 1975

In the incident, a posmen, Mohamad Helme Leman, 25, torn right leg and had to receive 50 stitches when he was attacked and bitten while bathing in Port Dickson by an animal believed to be a salt water crocodile.

However local authorities have denied that the salt water crocodiles and large fish continue to make assumptions including shark. Are sharks a real source of the incident or whether indeed shark violent as portrayed by Spielberg?

The film was first shown on the silver screen in 1975 is to some extent not only give bad image to shark but also successfully converted to bring the Jaws means jaw. Effects of the film successfully makes it surged into the film box office until the first flame Jaws became the summer blockbuster movie and greatest running in 675 cinemas around the world simultaneously.

Great White Shark

Due to the respect significant spread until today, the species is described sharks are violent. Whatever, according to a study conducted by the Division Ictiologi, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, United States (U.S.) there is only one shark attack without provocation in Malaysian waters between 1580 to 2008. Accidents that are not deemed as an attack not involving death.

But that does not mean that no direct attack by shark especially outside Malaysia. Most of the mega-sized predators shark, including great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) and tiger shark (Galeocerdo Cuvier) is located in many waters of United States, South Africa and Australia also became the most nigthmare for water glider.

Hammerhaed Shark

Interestingly, however, 'attack' which is done according to the study are due to wrongly assume by great white. This is because sharks see the glider in the water that is often using dark wet suit with a surfboard seem to mistaken as a seal, a food for the great white.

In addition to the species said to be quite violent, Malaysia was inhabited several other species including whale shark, black tipped shark, hammerhead shark, white tipped shark, leopard shark , rays shark and various other 375 species around the world you never heard.

Black tipped Shark

What is for sure, the names mentioned is not known to attack humans, but they are attentive to be catch for their fins. For scuba divers, these species are very shy. They will quickly circulated if scuba divers spotted their habitats.

Despite the fact that said shark very sensitive to even a drop of blood, but until this article was written, there is a report that says shark pursuit divers or swimmers who experienced bleeding due to injury. This is because if not possible Mohamad Helme will be food to shark after his leg wounds bleed.

For scuba divers, facing the species are among the shark-anticipated but to capture their photos at the bottom of the sea and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Moreover, species of whale shark (Rhincodon typus), which is among the largest mammals and can reach up to six meters long.

Whale Shark

But it only makes plankton species as diet and not human. Not surprising, if any species is often trapped in fishing nets. But the government are doing nothing about it even after the fins end up in a bowl of soup.
I'm myself also not afraid of the sharks except the 3 species (great white, bull and tiger). So in reality, sharks in the country are 'shy' and afraid of humans.

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